Pantallas acústicas

And metal protections for bridges and viaducts

More of 20 years of experience design manufacturing and installation of metal protections for bridges and viaducts, works of rail and road. Among the products we work, especially we highlight our section pantallas acústicas. We get involved in the project from initial design through manufacturing ,mounting, even we developed the initial acoustic impact study, deliver turnkey projects, all with own personnel and highly qualified. We have facilities that allow us to tackle large projects and we have the latest technology that facilitates us to adapt to any need.

Our location is an advantage for any national project. INSAMETAL also hasinternational presence. Countries such as Germany, Reino Unido, France, Italia, Portugal, Polonia, Marruecos, Argelia, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Puerto Rico have different projects entrusted to our company.

Thequality of our products It is based on the integration of our group of companies to product quality system based onISO 9001 – 2000 Bureau Veritas e ISO 14001 – 2000 Bureau Veritas, with particular emphasis on the preservation of the environment. further, INSAMETAL S.A. how much for several years with the international standard ISO 18001 also known asOHSAS, which it has been developed by the international organization ISO, the latest version is aimed at maximum integration of the Health and Safety at Work, with other management systems such as ISO 9001 and 14001 Besides, to put greater emphasis oncontrol plans.


Acoustic specialists Screens

We can calculate and design the most advantageous option for your project

We offer a full range of pantallas acústicas. metal, of aluminum, methacrylate, transparent, of concrete, vegetables and wood. We highlight the most demanded by our customers.

metal acoustic screen

The metal acoustic screen It comprises a housing with a specific design able to withstand high wind loads may be of steel or aluminum in different thickness, with sound-absorbing material inside. Its core is formed based rockwool different thicknesses, color finishes can be in any of the ral letter and as new system can offer a PAINTINGS finish ANTIGRAFFITI.

acoustic screen methacrylate

The acoustic screen and methacrylate transparent acoustic,  panel composed of a methacrylate or transparent polycarbonate or colors, It serves soundproofing, elements may be incorporated vinyl any shape or color for better integration with a panel entorno.compuesta acrylic or polycarbonate serves soundproofing. They can accommodate elements for better integration with the environment.

Vegetable acoustic screen

The Vegetable speakers fulfill a dual function: to absorb noise and aesthetics to blend with the environment. It comes in plant or wood finish.

Discover the types of acoustic screens INSAMETAL S.A.

See all technical specifications and standards for each of the types of speakers that work. also knows the advantages and main features of each type of noise barrier.

International projection

INSAMETAL S.A. performs work in large national and international projects. More of 20 years of experience in manufacturing and assembly guarantee our success.

Roads and Highways,es
Railroad track
Other projects
estructuras metálicas insametal

Our clients



Acoustic Metal display in Palma de Mallorca



Tarongers Campus fencing (University of Valencia)



Work on the motorway SE-40


INSAMETAL S.A. is a young and dynamic company that designs and develops innovative functional projects. We are known for management agility and quick execution of all our projects, always meeting deadlines with customers. We want to see us as a real technology partner in their projects. We have a young team, eager to work and desire to excel.

For that, We offer a wide range of equipment for road and rail infrastructure, He roasted as all kinds of galvanized steel structures and pantallas acústicas.

We establish a bond that goes beyond the supplier-customer confidence. Assume their goals as their own. We put all our knowledge into play in resolving the many challenges that every project poses.

So we have reached the position of The leading manufacturer applied design and assembly of metallic manufactured.

For high-speed paths, tram, metro, conventional railroad freight and worldwide. Y we have become a benchmark for quality design, fabricación e instalación de elementos metálicos para cualquier proyecto.

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  • 9001
  • 14001

Insametal features Manual Quality Assurance in which all manufacturing and inspection procedures are defined by ISO 9001:2000 certified by BUREAU VERITAS.

At the same time it also has the approval of TIG welding processes (Stainless Steel) and MAG (for carbon steel) according to UNE EN 288-3:1992.