Road Safety Barriers

Desde Insametal S.A,,af,We are dedicated to road safety either on railways or on roads,,es,We supply and install security barriers type bionda and different kinds of parapets,,es,The Security Barriers allow the protection of the users by braking the impact and preventing the vehicle from leaving the road,,es,These containment systems are regulated in the General Technical Specifications for road and bridge works,,es,SECURITY BARRIERS,,es. nos dedicamos a la seguridad vial ya sea en vías férreas como en carreteras, suministramos e instalamos barreras de seguridad tipo bionda y diferentes clases de pretiles.

Las Barreras de seguridad permiten la protección de los usuarios frenando el impacto y evitando que el vehículo pueda salirse de la vía.

Estos sistemas de contención están regulados en el Pliego de Prescripciones Técnicas Generales para obras de carreteras y puentes (PG-3) by Article 704 (Order of 28 December 1999 for which the tender is updated general technical requirements for construction of roads and bridges in terms of signaling, marking and vehicle restraint systems) Selection of the containment level and type of containment metal railing are made taking into account the particular circumstances of each section.


In addition to a qualified and specialized in facilities of road safety barriers team, INSAMETAL has all the necessary machinery to undertake any such project both nationally and internationally.