Metal barriers

INSAMETAL, Simple safety fences and barriers supplied Doubles, bolted or welded on concrete sidewalks, as a means of protection for traffic on overpasses and viaducts railways and roads.

The metallic safety barrier consists of three main elements: township, post and separator; manufactured from a hot rolled coil, by a process of cold forming and a subsequent hot dip galvanizing to prevent corrosion.

INSAMETAL manufactures the constituent elements of the metallic barriers, according to the UNE 135121 Fence double wave profile, A 135122 Accessory items (posts, separators, hardware, end elements) y A 135123 for tubular posts and connectors.


The function of the fence is to contain and redirect a vehicle by absorbing the energy released in an impact. Built in steel S-355-JR, S-275-JR y S-235-JR (UNE EN 10025) as components, with subsequent treatment of hot dip galvanized. The possibility exists on galvanized, dispose of painted enamel drying air in the desired color.