Installing acoustic wooden screen in N-622

On their way through Sarria, in Vitoria, INSAMETAL S.A. performs installing wooden baffle N-622.

Behind the award of the project "Project Construction of noise barriers on the N-622 road passing through Sarria (P.K. 19+611 a P.K. 19+951) of the Vitoria-Bilbao "highway, we started assembling acoustic wooden barrier, panels are the best option to find a perfect balance between aesthetics, sound insulation and environmental friendliness.


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ADIF rail installation type baffle and handrails to tunnel in the L.A.V. Vitoria-Bilbao-San Sebastián

Insametal involved in implementing the project of construction of the: Lemoa - Galdakao de la L.A.V. Vitoria - Bilbao - San Sebastián installing metal speakers, railing railings railway viaduct and tunnel.

It is a railway project that aims to unite by means of high performance three Basque capitals Bilbao, San Sebastian and Vitoria, connecting them to each other by a path "Y", a medium path 35 minutes, and the French border, continuing the high-speed line Venta de Baños-Burgos-Vitoria and Madrid both.

installation display-Acoustic-type-adif

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INSAMETAL S.A. installed speakers in Avda. Of the sun, Torrejon de Ardoz

Insametal S.A. He has been awarded the contract works promoted by the city of Torrejon de Ardoz (Madrid) installation of noise barriers methacrylate mitigate noise produced homes that are near Avenida. of the sun.

With the award of this work it would be the fourth time we work in Torrejon de Ardoz for the installation of noise barriers, methacrylate not only metal but also.

These acoustic barriers formed by panels of metal profiles embedded methacrylate, these screens comply with current regulations and with the technical characteristics necessary for proper function.

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INSAMETAL S.A. installs acoustic concrete screen in the Atyka urbanization in Santa Marta de Tormes,,es,Salamanca,,en (Salamanca)

To deal with the noise coming from the CL-510 that affects the Atyka urbanization in Santa Marta de Tormes,,es,it has been done by INSAMETAL S.A,,es,to the installation of a concrete acoustic screen,,es,in total about,,es,It is a work proposed by the Junta de Castilla y Léon,,es,Link to the news https,,es,,,en, se ha procedido por parte de INSAMETAL S.A. a la instalación de una pantalla acústica de hormigón, en total unos 1225 m2. Se trata de una obra propuesta por la Junta de Castilla y Léon.
Enlace a la noticia

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INSAMETAL S.A. install railings for tunnel and tramex in L.A.V,,es,Madrid,,en,Galicia,,gl. Madrid – Galicia

They begin on the part of Insametal S.A.,,es,the works in the Canda VD tunnel,,es,with the supply and assembly of,,es,railings for tunnel,,es,having finished the work on the left track of the tunnel,,es,It is a section that belongs to the L.A.V,,es,Galicia connecting Zamora with Ourense,,es. los trabajos en el túnel de la Canda VD, con el suministro y montaje de pasamanos para túnel and tramex, habiendo finalizado los trabajos en la vía izquierda del túnel.

Se trata de un tramo que pertenece a la L.A.V. Madrid – Galicia conectando Zamora con Ourense.

We manufacture and install handrails to traffic and tunnels Railways , with all the designs that both ADIF and the Ministry of Public Works is currently , our products come in various finishes , both galvanized steel and stainless steel , with thicknesses that vary according to each project.

Media differ in size and design, It is according to suitability and requirements for each work . For any technical or design do not hesitate to contact us, Our extensive experience in this sector will be able to be helpful.

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Insametal instala pantalla acústica de metacrilato en Murcia

INSAMETAL S.A. participates in the construction of the,,es,High Speed ​​Line,,es,Castilla la Mancha,,es,C,,en,Valencian,,es,Stretch,,es,Work done,,es,Installation of,,es,Acoustic methacrylate screen,,es,The screen is formed by a concrete plinth and methacrylate panel,,es,It is a stretch of,,es,km that passes in its entirety for the municipality of Murcia,,es Línea de Alta Velocidad Madrid – Castilla La Mancha – C. Valenciana – Murcia.

La pantalla se constituye por un zócalo de hormigón y panel de metacrilato. Se trata de un tramo de 3.57 km que pasa en su totalidad por el término municipal de Murcia.

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insametal metal structures

Montaje de 3 torres de vigilancia contra incendios en la provincia de Cuenca

Once the,,es,metal towers awarded to the company INSAMETAL,,es,by GEACAM in the municipalities of Carboneras de Guadazaón,,es,Caracenilla and Paracuellos de la Vega in the province of Cuenca,,es,Said metallic towers are made based on the agreement between the Ministry of agriculture,,es,environment and rural development for the prevention campaign to fight forest fires in Castilla - La Mancha in annuities,,es,–,,en,These watchtowers replace the old ones,,es,metallic structures,,es,that did not comply with health and safety regulations,,es,The purpose is to provide the province with an effective surveillance device,,es 3 torres metálicas adjudicadas a la empresa INSAMETAL, S.A, por parte de GEACAM en los municipios de Carboneras de Guadazaón, Caracenilla y Paracuellos de la Vega en la provincia de Cuenca.

Dichas torres metálicas se realizan en base al acuerdo entre la Consejería de agricultura, medio ambiente y desarrollo rural para la campaña de prevención para la lucha contra incendios forestales en Castilla – La Mancha en las anualidades 2016 – 2020.

Estas torres de vigilancia sustituyen a las antiguas estructuras metálicas que no cumplían con la normativa de seguridad y salud.

La finalidad es dotar a la provincia de un dispositivo de vigilancia eficaz, ensuring that the control points are placed in the best possible locations to obtain the best performance,,es,towers of metallic structures against fires in Cuenca,,es.

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concrete noise barriers

Installation of acoustic screens of concrete and methacrylate on the C-55 as it passes through Abrera,,es,Barcelona,,en (Barcelona)

The works of supply and installation of,,es,concrete acoustic screens,,es,acoustic screens of methacrylate,,es,by party the INSAMETAL,,af,It is a framework of several works composed of "Mesures correctores de l'impacte acústic a Vacarisses,,es,Open,,ca,Gavá,,en,Vilalba Sasserra,,ca,Hostalric i Canovelles ",,ca,These works have been managed by Infraestructuras de la Generalitat de Catalunya,,es,Completed the first section in the municipality of Abrera in the month of July,,es,Work will continue in the other municipalities,,es,It is all about,,es,square meter,,es pantallas acústicas de hormigón and pantallas acústicas de metacrilato por parte de INSAMETAL, S.A.

Se trata de un entramado de compuesto por varias obras “Mesures correctores de l´impacte acústic a Vacarisses, Abrera, Gavá, Vilalba Sasserra, Hostalric i Canovelles”, dichas obras han sido gestionadas por Infraestructuras de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

Finalizado el primer tramo en el municipio de Abrera en el mes de Julio, se continuarán con los trabajos en los demás municipios.

Se trata en total de 2248 metros cuadrados.

This is achieved through the installation of this sound-absorbing concrete acoustic screen that manages to reduce noise pollution and improve the quality of the local population.,,es,Concrete acoustic screens installed in Abrera,,es.

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State news contractors

Insametal is already Contractor State

INSAMETAL; has been obtained as a contractor BUSINESS CLASSIFICATION state ,This is a prerequisite to contract with any public administration (national, autonomy, local) Being STATE CONTRACTOR, It represents a potential expansion of the customer base which leads to the consequent increase in business figure

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Túneles insametal

Insametal begins Jobs in Pajares Tunnels

INSAMETAL; It will be in the works TUNELES VARIANT PAJARES. Due to the great experience you have in this sector, insametal has been awarded a new contract for execution of works and perform maintenance of electric traction substation and associated autotransformer, remote energy and double line 20 square

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New contract for Insametal

New contract for Insametal

INSAMETAL begins work on the Tolosa-Hernialde Gipuzkoa stretch of high-speed rail network in the Basque Country, known as “Y” Bathtub.

The track has a length of 3.811 meters, of which nearly all (2.440 meters) túneles.Esta short run work under difficult to minimize the visual and acoustic impact on the natural environment through which passes.

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ohsas 18001 insametal

INSAMETAL implantará la OHSAS 18001

INSAMETAL implement a system for the management of Health and Safety at Work OHSAS 18001. System that allows companies:

Reduce workplace accidents and increase productivity, identifying, evaluating and controlling the risks associated with each job, and avoiding the causes of accidents and diseases at work. The perception of a safer environment for workers, means a reduction of disease, low or absenteeism, increased productivity, a progressive reduction in accidents and a decrease in sanctions and unnecessary expenses.

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Villazopeque begin work – Estepar

Insametal begins the work platform corresponding to the sections Villazopeque – Estepar, Line of high speed rail between Valladolid and Burgos.

The works of platform of the section Villazopeque-Estépar, with a length of 11,5 kilometers, have been awarded to the joint venture formed by 'Extraco Construcciones y Proyectos' and 'Joca Ingeniería y Construcciones', for an amount of 35.806.217 €.

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Insametal awarded a new tranche AVE

The Ministry of Development, through ADIF, He announced the award to COLLOSA, a stretch of the AVE Valladolid-Vitoria, between Villodrigo and Villazopeque. Its total length is 10,4 kilometers and budget which has been awarded to 35.921.584,22 euros. Execution is two years and among the major works must build a viaduct over the Main river and the local highway BU-P-4011.

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INSAMETAL chosen for a new draft AVE, in the Mediterranean corridor

INSAMETAL has been chosen for a new project AVE, in the Mediterranean corridor, Pouring subtranche Good Life - Murcia , For our Customers Constructora San José ,S.A.

The work consists of metallic elements for structures and bridges concurring by plotting. The casting stretch of the Good Life-Murcia (7,9 km) runs through the provinces of Alicante (2,5 km) and Murcia (5,2 km), by the municipalities of Orihuela, And Murcia Beniel.

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