We distribute and assemble concrete noise barrier

Like the metal baffle, the pantalla acústica de hormigón It serves to isolate and absorb the noise from traffic routes.

Insametal S.A. distributes and assembles fonoabsobentes concrete panels the maximum sound market classification A3-B3. The acoustic screen is composed of concrete reinforced concrete HA-45 / P / 12 arid silicon, with steel mesh of B500 6 mm. every 15 cm. And till 13 cm. porous concrete grecado, formed by siliceous aggregate (4-8), washed sand and cement.

The pantallas acústicas concrete metal profiles are installed between HEB / HEA quality S275JR according to EN 10025 are galvanized and termolacados as required in EN 1461 and in 15773. These are arranged vertically until the necessary height in each project, with a distance between profiles varying according to the type of work.

These concrete panels They are formed by a base layer of structural concrete and other porous concrete deadening.

Like the previous, These panels are placed between HEA / HEB.

  • Complies with UNE EN 1793-1 sound absorption.
  • Complies with UNE EN 1793-2 soundproofing.

  • No maintenance.
  • Durability and strength.

Installation of concrete noise barriers