Plant manufacture and install noise barriers

Thevegetable baffle allows greater respect for the environment thanks to its composition. They are usually installed in urban environments pedestrian traffic because of its flashiness.

This type of plant sound barrier It is able to absorb and cancel noise, rebajando el nivel ac├║stico general y dejando al otro lado de la barrera un ambiente saludable y silencioso.

The baffle plant plays a dual function: acoustics and aesthetics. Besides seamlessly integrated into the environment and the landscape because we have the option that can be on the surface sow plant species for the formation of a natural tapestry, inside the plant noise barriers comprises rockwool, material capable of absorbing and isolating noise. Inside the plant display is protected on both sides by a galvanized wire mesh which is welded to a frame of the same material to form modules.

Plant acoustic screen is prepared to present a or vegetable wood finish, forming a set of easy integration and very aesthetic.

They need a metal latticework to be filled based gravel or gravel, sembrando en ella especies vegetales para que formen una pantalla que permita la absorci├│n ac├║stica.
  • ├Źndice de aislamiento B3.
  • Norma UNE EN 1793-1.
  • Norma UNE EN 1794-1.
  • Norma UNE EN 14389-1.

  • aesthetically pleasing finish.
  • Optimal integration with the environment.

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