These shields are used in areas of migratory passage, rivers, streams, valleys etc.. Where birds in flight through the area of ​​movement of road traffic and rail. Having intended to prevent the collision of birds in flight with trains or vehicles on roads or highways. The most common materials for this type of display usually sheet metal panels or curved methacrylate, in different thicknesses and with a height of 2 mtr. Such shields are usually vertical metal profiles curved varying measure height and width depending on each project.


The materials of the metallic elements are quality S275JR according to UNE EN 10025.


The metallic elements may be hot dip galvanized according to UNE EN ISO 1461 and subsequent lacquering alternative treatments can be blasted with anti-rust subsequently primers incorporating the whole lacquering.

The posts are typically HEA-HEB profiles arranged vertically, including metal panels are embedded mechanically noticing.