These shields are used in wildlife passageways, They aim to isolate animals from the noise of road and rail traffic and in some cases prevent the view of them outside the roads or highways.

The MATERIALS more frequent for this type of display, It is wood. The chemical treatment applied to ensure adequate durability often , curative against insects, fungi and action of solar radiation is usually applied industrially autoclaving as class C3 or C4.El under treatment consisting in the application names to wood free soluble salts of arsenic and chromium.


The screens usually consist of:

  • TABLONES or logs opaque pine wood, reinforced on its inner side by solid squares.
  • METALLIC ELEMENTS, usually vertical metal profiles, changing its height and width measurement depending on each project.


The materials of the metallic elements are quality S275JR according to UNE EN 10025.


The metallic elements may be hot dip galvanized according to UNE EN ISO 1461 and subsequent lacquering alternative treatments can be blasted with anti-rust subsequently primers incorporating the whole lacquering.

The posts are typically HEA-HEB profiles arranged vertically, among which wood panels are embedded being fixed mechanically.


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