wooden speakers, the balance between sound insulation and respect for the environment

The acoustic wooden screen It is the best option to find a perfect balance between aesthetics, sound insulation and environmental friendliness.

This type of acoustic paneling is one of its strengths in the ability to create different combinations placing tables in horizontal or vertical position

These pantallas ac├║sticas wood are formed by two sides of slats Wood treated with an intermediate chamber filled with rockwool.

It is formed by two panels lasts machiembradas wood slats filled insulating material such as rockwool.

It is applied a primer coat sunscreen for color, so keeping it in perfect condition.

  • Certified according to UNE EN 1793-2:1997 insulation and sound absorption.

  • Environmentally.
  • Ease of handling and repair.
  • Possibility of combining methacrylate.

wooden speakers, different facilities